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What is

Sparkin' Art?

A FREE 5-week workshop series for radical rebels, powerful poets, and the inheritors of the future.

Facilitated by professional multidisciplinary artists and hosted remotely over Zoom, Sparkin' Art seeks to inspire, amplify, and revolutionize the voices of our innovative youth from Grey Bruce.

This iteration of Sparkin' Art culminated in the creation of a choose your own adventure game, hosted on YouTube. "Release the Fire Within" was written, animated, recorded, and drawn by our participants, facilitators, and inspiration artists. 

Sparkin' Art 1.0 took place in Winter 2021. 

Jan. 30 - Orientation & Tech
Feb. 6 - Story, Character, & Spoken Word
Feb. 13 - Sound & Music
Feb. 20 - Elements of Story
Mar. 6 - Collaboration & Mentorship 1
Mar. 13 - Collaboration & Mentorship 2
Mar. 20 - "I Needed That!" Open Mic Events
May 29 - "Tending the Fire" Virtual Town Hall

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